By remaining open and honest the next leap of faith we get to take for spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well-being is to reunite people of diverse disciplines, cultures and creeds. The labyrinth symbol indicates the movement of countless people having profound personal experiences, along with insights and revelations just by being called to the larger purpose the labyrinth is serving; the call to release judgement and renew the truth of who God made you to be. When you can clearly see your thoughts, emotions and patterns without judgement or trying to run from them, then they no longer seem to run you. Allow us to assist you in the greatest metamorphosis of our personal healing. 

“Hāloa Healing was my Vision, Breath of Eternal Healing uniquely guided by our Aloha Spirit.”*

Welcome to hāloa healing

In Hawaiian Hā = Breath & Loa = Eternal
Hāloa Healing means Breath of Eternal Healing 

*To have or show “Aloha Spirit” is to “Love and Respect.”

Ceara, Founder of Hāloa Healing, is passionate about preserving and protecting Hawaiian culture.

Alanahāloa (Alana = Great Awakening, Hā = Breath & Loa = Eternal translated to “The Great Awakening Breath of Eternal Life"), her daughter of Hawaiian descent, established her ancestral roots on the sacred grounds of the tallest peak at the top of Mauna Kea, on June 15, 2015.

This Great Awakening Breath of Eternal Life, birthed the essential connection to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit with Aloha.

Hāloa was born of ancient Hawaiian gods and is rooted in the ancestry of the Hawaiian people. Hawaiian‘s deep connection to the àina – the land – has roots in the very beginning of ancient Hawaiian culture. 

After losing her sister to cancer during their time in Hawaii, Early 2019, Ceara retreated to the Sacred Valley of Peru to cleanse and release mental, emotional, and physical traumas with ceremonial guidance using sacred plant medicines and practices. Her mission was made abundantly clear: Nurture healing by meeting the highest standards of Integrity spiritually, ethically, and environmentally by responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

Our aloha approach to healing is uniquely guided by sacred plant medicines and MAGIC (Movement for Amazon Growth and Indigenous Cultures).

Hāloa Healing is dedicated to the protection and preservation of your awakening process. When families can live from their native gifts and culture, you receive spiritual medicine and tools you can rely on.

Join us as we build a bridge between the need for healing, here in the heart of America, and a special place to find healing in the Hawaii islands. Your support and direct contributions, proceeds, and donations all fund the development of expanding our Hāloa Healing practice to provide you and your Ohana a place retreat to in the near future.

Hey There! I'm Ceara & I Aim to Cultivate a Sacred Space for All to Heal, Connect & Live in Abundance

Ceara, Founder of Hāloa Healing, is passionate about preserving and protecting Hawaiian culture. Alanahāloa, her daughter of Hawaiian descent, established her ancestral roots on the sacred grounds of the tallest peak at the top of Mauna Kea June 15, 2015. This Great Awakening Breath of Eternal Life birthed the essential connection to nurture the mind, body, and spirit with Aloha.


Dustin, Co Founder of Hāloa Healing, began on a spiritual journey towards healing after a very traumatic event in 2011. He has a background in supply chain & logistics with an emphasis in International exports from the United States, and manages a team of 15 export specialists. His professional experience combined with his spiritual journey has given him the opportunity to be part of a great team to help grow Haloa Healing. He is here to inspire everyone to heal and grow.


Meet Our Team

Kristen has been a Health and Wellness Practitioner since 2011 when she became a massage therapist. Discovering a new path of natural health, her curiosity led her to become certified as a Traditional Naturopath, Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer. By utilizing sound and essential oils, Kristen aims to create a space that supports self-healing of the body, mind, and sprit.
Our energy body is like an instrument, and just like you can tune an instrument back to its harmonious state, you can tune the energy of your own body back to its harmonious state.


Rachel is a certified herbalist and has been studying the field for over 4 years with various teachers and certifications. With open ears and spirit she can assist with your holistic healing. Rachel uses tea blends, salves and tinctures along with plant medicines/herbs and other holistic products to build formularies for the mind, body, and soul. Carefully crafting simple remedies and tools to heal head to toe. Rachel has always had a strong passion for plants and gardens and was drawn to herbalism in 2016 with the desire to heal herself and now a passion to help others with their wellness. She is easy to talk to due to 15 years behind the salon chair, Rachel has a range of knowledge and is eager to speak to you about your wants and needs.


Richie Is a certified juice therapist who believes everyone should have access to fresh, organic fruits & veggies. He became interested in natural foods after a 20 year effort to correct allergies and asthma with conventional medicine. He made dramatic changes in his diet and within a few months of eating strict “living foods”, his lifelong symptoms vanished. He is an advocate of juicing daily as an intentional modality of healing and body optimization. Along with Mind and Spirit, he believes a healthy Body is essential to well-being and achieved through proper diet and nutrition. As such, this juice guru is passionate about sharing with you the powerful effects of juice therapy for vitality, wellness, and superior health. ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ -Hippocrates


“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

- Hermann Hesse

How many days a week you should go


Better attitude



Improved brain cells & function



Reduced level of stress & depression



The results are quick! 

Those who used a sauna four to seven times a week were 66% less likely to get dementia and 65% less likely to get Alzheimer’s than those who used a sauna once a week.


more than three billion dollars spent across the entire global sauna and spa market

A few quick facts about holistic wellness and how Hāloa Healing can help YOU!

The Impact of Sauna Wellness